Press coverage

This page lists the press coverage on me and my work


  • Op-ed about vloggers, censorship and media literacy (in Dutch)

  • Op-ed about vloggers and media wisdom

  • On the 2012 general elections in the Netherlands

  • On journalists in the Netherlands and their use of the Internet


    On Twitter and politics

    WCU Webometrics coverage

    On social network sites

    On cross-national comparative research project on E-campaigning in the European Union


    On local media in the Netherlands

    NRC Handelsblad (language: Dutch)


    On violence and the media

    • NRC Handelsblad (language: Dutch):

    NRC geweld en TV


    On ethnic minorities and the media

    • Volkskrant

    • Telegraaf

    • Forum

    • Reformatorisch Dagblad