Here’s a new publication…

titled “Political communication patterns and sentiments across time in the 2017 election in the Netherlands”. The hardcopy arrived last week. With all electronic journals, it’s nice to have a tangible copy in my hands for once :-). Besides my chapter, there are many other chapters worthwhile reading. The seeds for the chapters were planted during the conference in Canada.

Thanks to Richard Davis and David Taras for this initiative. You can get your copy through the usual channels, for instance here.

Reference: Vergeer, M. (2020). Political communication patterns and sentiments across time in the 2017 election in the Netherlands. In R. Davis & D. Taras (Eds.), Power Shift? Political Leadership and Social Media (1st ed., pp. 126–150). Routledge.

Come to Nijmegen and learn about social media, political communication and R

Yes yes yes. Again you can sign up for one or both of my Radboud Summer School courses, which will take place early July, 2020, in Nijmegen the Netherlands. The first course is about social media in political communication and news and journalism. The second course is about learning R and Rstudio. Of course, you can sign up for both courses, if you like.

More information can be found here:

Social media theory and research in political communication, news and journalism


Introduction to data science with R and Rstudio for the social sciences/

I hope to see you in 2020 in Nijmegen!!!!!

Visiting University of Pisa, Italy

  Last Friday, I returned to Nijmegen from a month’s stay in Pisa, Italy. Surely you remember the city with the skewed tower. But, there’s much more to the city than that. I was invited by Professor Roberta Bracciale (@braccialer) to visit her Faculty of Political Science of the University of Pisa. Having been there last year for a short visit, and really liked the work she and her colleagues conducted, I was happy to accept her invitation. We started working on social media use by members of the Italian parliament. Now, there’s a surprise 😂. I was also glad to meet two of my former Radboud summer school students Antonio Martella (@Vot4ntonio) and Cesar Crisosto (@cesarcrisosto). Antonio has finished his Ph.D. project, while Cesar is finishing his project. It’s always fun to catch up with all of them. A big thank you to Roberta Bracciale and to those in Pisa who made my stay very pleasant.