Radboud Summer School 2018: Theorizing and Analyzing Social Media in Political Communication and Journalism

Just a quick shout-out: in summer 2018 (6-17 August), my social media course will be on offer again. The course titled “Theorizing and Analyzing Social Media in Political Communication and Journalism”, be for two entire weeks. The first week will be mostly about social media from a theoretical perspective. The second week will be about using R for social media data collection, and various types of analysis of social media data. For further details, keep an eye on the website of the Radboud Summer School.

Hope to see you in Nijmegen!!!

Ancient banking in Indonesia

On Thursday I visited a bank museum ((Museum Mandiri) in Jakarta. Clearly the building has a hard time obscuring its Dutch heritage. Of course, it used to be owned by the Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij. Being Dutch and from a post-colonial generation, it felt strange to see such familiar signs in a distant country like Indonesia.

The building itself is very interesting. The museum shows the history of banking in Indonesia. It also displays a number of coin counting machines, and an enormous amount of old type writers.
From the electronic age it also has some ancient ATMs and computers.

A flock of ancient ATM machines

These computers, such as IBM’s S/390, were certainly not designed to be on your lap, as the one I am now writing this post on.

S/390 IBM computer panel

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If you’re in the neighborhood, it’s worth a short visit: Museum Mandiri

So, that was Singapore #ACPC17

Yesterday, the Asian Conference for Political Communication ended.
I arrived a few days early to get acquainted to the city again.
The conference venue (the Shangri-La Hotel) was nice. My room was on the 17th floor, having a nice view of the city.

As for the conference, having done two presentations and sat in four panels in four sessions, I was quite tired. But I met some interesting people, and rekindled old friendships, with Carol Soon, Han Woo Park, and Marko Skoric.

A big thank you for the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung for inviting me.