R workshop in Trondheim, Norway

Recently, I was invited to run a workshop on Quantitative Content Analysis with R and RStudio, thanks to Peter Maurer (NTNU). This all started when we both invited to Canada. Ending up at the hotel bar, talking about political communication, research and everything related. One thing led to another, and last week I ended up in Trondheim. I did my keynote about topic modeling of newspaper articles and social media texts, and an afternoon and morning session on R and quantitative content analysis with a very nice group of (PhD) students.

Again, thanks to Peter Maurer and all the others that made this possible. It was a joy to be in Trondheim!

PS. be sure to check out Rockheim museum, showing the history of Norwegian pop music. Two of my favorite artists are among them: Terje Rypdal and Jan Garbarek. Be sure to check them out.

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