Teaching at FH Wien

Returning from Indonesia on Thursday morning I transferred (a first for me: transferring at Airport Amsterdam) to a plane to Vienna. The Fachhochschule Wien invited me to do a one-day course on the transformation of media. I arrived on Thursday, and later met up with Uta Russmann. It was a pleasure to meetup with you again.
On Friday I met up with the students, a sizeable group of appr 35. I had fun doing it, and the students seemed to like it too.
Never too old to learn, I was able to brush up my German language skills again.
A big thank you to the people involved in getting me to Vienna.
Only one day to go, then back to home. It’s good I still have a jet lag from getting back from Indonesia, so boarding the plane at 6:30 should not be a problem 🙂

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