Political leadership and social media, conference at Banff, Canada

“Really Maurice” (this is me talking to myself), “the first time in Canada?” I just returned to Calgary after a couple of days in beautiful Banff in Canada. Be sure not to miss it when you’re in Canada. I was in Banff on invitation by Professor Richard Davis and Professor David Taras for the meeting on Political Leadership and Social Media. There was a nice group of colleagues from Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Germany and Switzerland. It’s really nice to meet such a fine group of people in such a nice surroundings.

The Canadians themselves are extremely nice people. Always making jokes and in for a laugh. Imagine entering Canada at the airport, the passport control official specifically requesting me to get Donald Trump to the conference and stop his Twitter rants. Then half way the conversation, he started talking Dutch, being the son of Dutch immigrants (probably after WOII in search for a better life). A real unique experience. A similar experience happened on the way to Calgary: a woman next to me in the shuttle bus turned out to be Dutch as well, having immigrated to Canada over a decade ago. The Dutch seem to be everywhere: Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Canada, the Caribbean, and I’m sure I’ve left out other countries.

Anyhow, a big thank you to Richard and David. Looking forward to continue the collaboration.

And now back to work … OK OK just a brief look at some pictures then 🙂

Banff Banff
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