CIO Twitter network uncovered

Two weeks ago I held a talk for CIO managers on the value of social media for their organizations and how to implement it in the organization (e.g. BYOD and consumerization). This dinner meeting at the Kasteel Hooge Vuursche was organised by Volkert Deen of IDG and Dell Computers.
Preparing for the talk I decided to do an analysis on the CIO network itself. Using NodeXL I collected the followers of the CIOplatform account and thus constructing the social network based on the 1.5 follower-following relations. I subsequently ran the Wakita-Tsurumi algorithm to search for cluster and then searched for the accounts within clusters with the highest in-degree. Below is the Twitter graph of people following CIO-Twitteraccounts and the accounts with the highest in-degree.

Clusters in the CIO Twitter network

Twitter account for each cluster with the highest in-degree:

  • Left top:

  • Right top:
    -René Steenvoorden (chairman of CIOplatform)

  • Left middle:
    -Rik Maes (Professor information manager)
    -weetsep (
    -ICToffice (branche association)

  • Right middle
    -Marco_Gianotten (CEO

  • Left below
    -Alexander Pechtold (political party leader D66)
    -Neelie Kroes (commissioner responsible for Europe’s Digital Agenda and Vice-President of the European Commission)

  • Below middle

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