Twitter use in political campaigns

The Dutch people are busy with making up their minds about what party to vote for on September 12, 2012. And again, the role of social media in campaigning is something to watch.  One of the most popular platforms is Twitter. Below is a barchart of the level of Twitter adoption by candidatesin the 2010 elections. Showing that candidates from well established parties seem to adopt Twitter more likely that smaller, newer fringe parties. GroenLinks (GL) adopted Twitter the most, relatively, whereas the fringe parties in several instances had none. Notable is that two parties considered populist parties (SP and PVV) adopted Twitter less, even though they’ve been around some time. Both have a history of having charismatic leaders (Jan Marijnissen and Geert Wilders) who organjzed the party in a hierachical manner, trying to retain control over the party’s communications.

[Figure 1] Adoption of Twitter by candidates of political parties in the 2010 general election

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