Brief visit to Australian National University

Early July, attending the RC33 conference, Robert Ackland (Australian Demographic & Social Research Institute of the Australian National University in Canberra) invited me to give a seminar about my research on the use of online campaigning in election time. I gladly accepted his invitation: Seminar Vergeer.
So, last friday we met in the morning to talk a bit about our research on the Web. Later we were joined by Mahin Raissi and Heather Booth to talk about research on social capital and Facebook.
The seminar was scheduled for the afternoon, after the lunch. I was very pleased to see a nice crowd to have turned out for the event. My seminar was about the research on social media (particuarly Twitter) and elections as published in various journals, but also on different issues concerning data collection, cleaning and analysis.
Unfortunately, I am not really acquainted with Australian politics, otherwise I would have taken some local examples. The presentation has few new elements because it was compiled from earlier presentations but may be considered as an overview of my research on Twitter use by candidates.

Anyway, thanks to Robert Ackland for inviting me and organizing the event.


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