Online or ontrack shopping

Is this the future for the commuter? It might be. In South Korea’s subway system – the cleanest subway I have come across and with the cutest warning signs – they have large advertisement screens, static posters and TV screens. But now they are making them interactive as well, with a little help from the Samsungs and LGs. What better things to do while waiting for the next train? Yes, shopping. To try to nibble a bit off of E-Mart´s no 1 market share, they made this possible by devicing the following plot.
Tesco’s solution

What is surprising that it is British Tesco that´s responsible for the innovation. But it apparently works. Partly because labor is relatively inexpensive in South Korea (for instance, there are no self service gas stations in Korea) and home delivery does not add up to the total costs of shopping. This is different in the Netherlands where labor is expensive, and Albert Heijn the Dutch no 1 grocer also tries to delivers your groceries in your kitchen . But it does not really take off here. So, we are still standing in line to pay at the cash register, or play cashier ourselves in the totally self service stores. See this next video.

Albert Heijn’s solution

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