Advertising at a new level

The other day I was in Seoul to give a presentation at Neso Korea about my work at the Webometrics Institute in South Korea. Then at Seoul Station, waiting for the KTX train to take me back to Gyeongsan, I decided – as many Koreans do – to grab a coffee. So I went to Angel-in-Us (there’s something about the names that are given to these coffee shops. I should write a post about this later). Unlike at Starbucks, where you wait at the counter for your coffee, the Koreans take their time to make it. Meanwhile you are expected to find a seat and wait for it to be ready. To notify you, you receive an electronic gadget (round or square plastic) which starts to buzz and light up when it’s time to pick up your drink of choice. Quite convenient. Now they have a new version which looks like a thick iPhone that, while you are waiting, displays commercials. Check out this video.

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Maurice Vergeer

I am Maurice Vergeer, working at Communication Science department of the Radboud University Nijmegen, in the Netherlands.