playing around with NodeXL

Some time now NodeXL (free download) has been around for analysing social networks in general, but also with a strong focus on online networks (Twitter, YouTube and Flickr).

Below is just a small test – not on online networks (that’s in the works) – but on my author network.
It’s interesting to see the different groups with the network:

  1. in the right uppper corner is the sociology group of collaborators;
  2. in the lower right corner are local (Radboud) collaborators on local media;
  3. in the lower left corner is the group of authors on Internet studies (with a special focus on the collaborators in the WCU project);
  4. below (6 o’clock) are the two collaborators on watching television in a longitudinal perspective;
  5. in the upper left corner ar the authors on journalism and the Internet, and political communication on the Net, with a small subgroup of authors from Belgium.

For the full list of publications that make up this author network, go to the publications page on this blog.

At a later date I will post some new graphs visualizing online politics.

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Maurice Vergeer

I am Maurice Vergeer, working at Communication Science department of the Radboud University Nijmegen, in the Netherlands.