North and South Korea and the media

Yesterday the dutch PSB news program aired a small item about South Korean radio targetting people in North Korea. A nice example of how low tech and low tech media can facilitate political activism.
Radio is sort of a forgotten medium, receiving little attention in academics that nowadays predominantly focuses on newspapers, TV and the Internet. Yes, I am guilty as well, although I once did a project on national radio channels (profiling Radio 1 and Radio 3 in terms of music repertoire).

As for North and South Korea, I’m curious how things will develop in the near future with the possible transfer of power from Kim Yong-il most likely to his son Kim Yong-un.

PSB news program item. The voice-over and subtitles are in Dutch. The Koreans of course speak Korean.

On a related matter, these commercials were once aired in the Netherlands. They received a lot of positive comments in the Netherlands. I’m curious how South Koreans feel about these video’s. I can imagine that these can be perceived with more apprehension in North and South Korea. Please comments on this post, or do so directly using my email address.
First commercial:

Follow-up commercial with Guus Hiddink, the highly respected football coach that brought the South Koreans to the semi-finals of the World Cup in 2002.

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