Newspaper markets and the generation gap

Piet Bakker has made it a large part of his academic career to monitor the developments on newspaper markets. This week he posted the latest analyses on recent and distant Dutch developments. The title leaves not to guess about : “Down, down, deeper and down”. As such, nothing’s new.

One interesting fact  however is that no one made a comment on the musical reference the title has. The title is of a song by the British rock band Status Quo (see the video clip of their performance on the famous Dutch show Toppop at the end of this post). Is this a generation gap between Piet, myself and the rest on the Nieuwe Reporter blog? Who knows…
Regarding a status quo and the newspaper market: As such there seems to be a large discrepancy between the status quo and the development of the numbers of newspaper copies sold in the Netherlands: i.e. down, down deeper and down. However, one could argue that there is a status quo in the decline of newspaper copies being sold. If so, the end is nigh for the printed newspapers. Which dont think will happen: no medium ever has disappeared in history. Merely their function may have changed. For now, we’ll have to wait and see patiently how the newspapers’ function will change in the coming decades.

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Maurice Vergeer

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