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Recently we (Liesbeth Hermans, Alexander Pleijter and yours truly) received a grant from the Dutch Press Foundation to do a survey on journalists use of the Internet, ethics, professional values and related topics. Especially for this project I put a website on the Net: (Journalists in the digital age). Yes, it’s a Dutch website. However, the most important information on the project will also be published in English.
We hope to have the first results published late 2010 or early 2010. This will be quite exciting. The new data collection allows for longitudinal comparisons of journalists in 2000, 2006 and 2010. Since 2000 (the data were collected by Mark Deuze for his dissertation) journalism has changed a lot. Or to be precise: the context in which journalists do their job has changed drastically. The Internet is omnipresent, newspapers are increasingly losing subscribers. Whether journalists changed as well in these changing environments is not fully clear yet. However, we have already seen some shifts in the importance of different professional values. Also, their activities must have changed quite drastically, given the many blogs newspapers and news programs publish.

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To see similar studies we did some time ago, see the following publications:

  • Hermans, L., Vergeer, M., &  d’Haenens, L. (2009). Internet in the daily life of journalists. Explaining the use of the Internet through work-related characteristics and professional opinions. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 15, 138-157.
  • Hermans, L., Vergeer, M., & Pleijter, A. (2009). Internet adoption in the newsroom: Journalists’ use of the Internet explained by attitudes and perceived functions. Communications. The European Journal of Communication, 34 (1), 55-71.

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