A new start

This is my second attempt to keep a blog. The first one, written in Dutch didn’t work out. Why then a new one? Well, as of September 2009, I will travel to South Korea as part of the World Class Universities project on political communication on the web at Yeungnam University in Gyeongsan-si, near Daegu.

The principal director of the project is Han Woo Park. Greg Elmer and I will stay in for four months for three consecutive years each. Furthermore, a large group of academics is to give lectures and workshop. And last but not least, Nicholas Jankowski, who provided a large contribution to the proposal and tapped into his extensive network for collaborators will give some lectures as well.

In the near future I hope to make many observations on the Korean case of political communication on the Web.

As for the project description, a website is being developed right now and should be online in the near future. When ready I’ll put the link in the blog roll.

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Maurice Vergeer

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